Meet the crew...

Founding Member: Ingrid Davis-
Passion:  Food & Wine (or is it Wine & Food?)  
Favorite wine:  So tough to answer this, but if I were stranded 
on an island and had to choose one, I would say it would
have to be a well structured Cabernet Sauvignon.  So glad 
I'm not stranded and have many choices.  A cool sparkling
wine like a nice Prosecco is always welcome, too.

Proprietor: Lori Noland-
Passion:  Doing most anything outside
Favorite wine:   Reds, Reds, Reds and more Reds.  A fan of
fruit forward wines, with Zinfandel being one of my favorites.
I also enjoy Garnacha and Tempranillo from Spain.

Food and Wine is such a passionate interest for us that the only logical next step was to share that passion with others, but where? The Wine Mine found its home here because of a strong affection for the beautiful Sangre de Cristo Mountains and this fantastic valley. We've been in business more than five years and can't thank you all enough for the wonderful support.