Popping the first sparkler
Mattie on the Pattie
Is that a heater?
Mike and Niki
The Cuerno Verde Crowd
Wine Ladies
Vorrey singing
Laura, our rep from Wine Cru (she was a big help on our opening day), listening to Vorrey singing.
We love you, too.
Julie and her gang.
We sponsored the Rotary Golf Tournament - Bill, Niki and Grant posed for us.
Annie's Birthday!
Annie, Kelly, Brent and Bar
Chuck & Tina
Dave & Linda and Friends
Lori in the kitchen making madeira sauce...yum!
Lucia & John and Friends
Inez helping with the Valentine's Celebration dinner
Clockwise: Ingrid, Lori, Carole, Helga, Lori and Rita.
Lisa, Fox, Lori & Ocean
Love this picture.
Peach Sangria
Jim and Charlene
Mo and John
Rocky Duran playing outside
Angus is a frequent visitor.
Judy's Birthday!
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